Robo-Hamster.ru/web/wp-includes/wlwmanifest.xml is an XML file used for Windows Live Writer integration on WordPress websites. This file is automatically generated by WordPress and is essential for providing Windows Live Writer access to the website.

What is Windows Live Writer?

Windows Live Writer is a desktop application for publishing content on various blogging platforms, including WordPress. With Windows Live Writer, bloggers can create posts and publish them without the need for accessing the website's backend.

What is the purpose of wlwmanifest.xml?

Wlwmanifest.xml gives Windows Live Writer access to various features of a WordPress website, including:

Without wlwmanifest.xml, Windows Live Writer will not be able to interact with a WordPress website, rendering its functionality useless.

How does wlwmanifest.xml work?

Wlwmanifest.xml is an XML file containing a series of API endpoints that Windows Live Writer uses to communicate with a WordPress website. The API endpoints are essentially URLs that Windows Live Writer sends requests to, asking for specific information or performing certain actions.

For example, when a blogger tries to publish a post from Windows Live Writer, the application sends a request to the "post.new" API endpoint defined in the wlwmanifest.xml file. The WordPress website receives this request and handles it accordingly, creating a new post and publishing it on the website.


The wlwmanifest.xml file is a critical aspect of Windows Live Writer integration on WordPress websites. Without it, bloggers would not be able to use Windows Live Writer to create, edit, or publish content on their websites. So, if you're using Windows Live Writer to publish content on a WordPress website, make sure that wlwmanifest.xml is present and up-to-date.

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